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Welcome to the Scholastic Team Page!

HS Scholastic Team Captain: Matthew Weaver Scholastic Logo

Froshmore Captains: Hunter Jones/Tyler Sanderson

Science Division Captain: Matthew Weaver

JH Scholastic Team Captain: Anna Treat


 Carl Albert State College Qualifier    Eastern Oklahoma State College Qualifier   Bokoshe Online Qualifier 

The Scholastic Qualifier Competitions are held at local Colleges and Universities for area school districts.  The top students of the selected classes/subjects are chosen by their Teachers and Scholastic Coach to represent their school in selected subjects against other schools.  If they place in the top five in their subject area, they advance to the state competition in Oklahoma City, The Tournament of Champions. Coming off of a 48 state qualifying, and 13 top 10 TOC placing students, Bokoshe is eager to take on the competition and return to the state competition.  

                                                                   Tournament of Champions                                                             

The Tournament of Champions, the place where the best of the best in the state face off in a battle to be the best in Oklahoma.  Advancing to this stage is a great accomplishment in itself.  We had 15 students advance to TOC in the 2020-2021 school year and already now have 13 state ranking placements.  We look forward to returning for the 2021-2022 school year! 

State Scholastic Records
Student Records Scholars
Nikayla Carter  2 top ten finishes  Senior Scholar (2021)
Matthew Weaver  4 top ten finishes  Junior Scholar (2021)
Hunter Jones  2 top ten finishes  Freshman Scholar (2021)
Evan Rosa    Junior Scholar (2021)


Back in 2021!


 SCIENCE ONLY SCHOLASTIC COMPETITION.                                                               A FRESHMAN/SOPHOMORE COMPETITION!             

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