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If you have not turned in a paper copy already, please go to the forms and policies tab or click the link here and fill out the Impact Aid Program Survey Form. These NEED to be turned in no later than Thursday, October 1st, 2020. 

To receive Remind text alerts like last year, Please use the link below:

Fall Carnival

Tickets are currently out for sale for Fried Pies (due Monday, Sept. 28th), a Bean Dinner (due Thursday, Oct. 1st) and Fall Carnival Raffle Tickets, which were given out to students on Thursday.  The Fall Carnival is currently scheduled for October 22nd, weather permitting.  The Fall Carnival Royalty List is below on the page.

""All I have done is given you a book, You have to have the courage to learn whats inside it.""

- Miss Freida Riley

On-Site Safety Procedures

Upcoming Events

District Calendar

Bokoshe News

Fall Festival Kings and Queens 2020

Cannon Crase and Kaity Beathard - Pre K

Cameron Pierson and Rae Stroup - Kindergarten

Jaygen Crase and Blake Bell - 1st Grade

Owen Bell and Macie Weaver - 2nd Grade

Tucker Miller and Cheylea Elder - 3rd Grade

Brayden Williams and Kyra Williams - 4th Grade

Logan Riebe and Summer Mink - 5/6 Grade

Stephen Dixon and Anna Treat - 7th grade

Jonathon Goodman and Kaylee Truax - 8th Grade

Garth Kasiner and Jacqueline Adams - 9th Grade

Austin Treat and Serenity Summers - 10th Grade

Evan Rosa and Madison Ford - 11th Grade

Benji Clark and TyAnn Bray - 12th Grade


The Biology II class has began their descent into the world of dissections. They started with a cow’s eye and are working their way up to dissecting a pregnant shark.  This goes along with their semester projects in studying marine biology and science on sharks.  This semester, the Bio II class will be journeying into the Deep Blue Sea to learn just what lies beneath the waters.  They will be studying the Mariana Trench and Megalodon sharks as well.  Pictured is senior Zac Taylor 

High School Tales

Elementary Edventures

Mrs. Ross’ class made DNA Helix replicas in 4th grade while learning the fundamentals of science.