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Bokoshe Summer School is scheduled to begin May 24 and continue thru June 17.
The staff and teachers have worked hard to ensure that Summer School will be days filled with learning and fun.
Ms Swindle will also have a Parent Day/Night to give all parents a chance to see alll of the wonderful  learning hands-on tools and equipment that our Library has to offer!

Download Summer Schedule of Activities here

"“The earlier you start working on something, the earlier you will see results.”"

Author Unknown

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The Bokoshe FFA Chapter Officers attended the 2021 annual FFA convention held at the Chesapeake Arena ThunderDome in Oklahoma City April27-April 29, 2021

Pictured L-R:  Julian Fobes, Nate Crow, Evan Rosa, Brock Crase,
Aasic Crase, Connor Crow, Tyann Bray, Austin Treat, Matthew Weaver and Chapter Advisor Kaylee Walden









                            High School

High School Tales
The Biology II class has began their descent into the world of dissections. They started with a cow’s eye and are working their way up to dissecting a pregnant shark.  This goes along with their semester projects in studying marine biology and science on sharks.  This semester, the Bio II class will be journeying into the Deep Blue Sea to learn just what lies beneath the waters.  They will be studying the Mariana Trench and Megalodon sharks as well.  Pictured is senior Zac Taylor