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Biology I

Welcome to the Biology I Page!

10th Grade

Teacher: Zain Garrett                                  email:


Classroom Expectations/Rules Course Description Supply List/Syllabus
  • The Lab is Off Limits to everyone unless a class experiment is being done.  
  • No Cell Phones permitted. 
  • No Food or Drink permitted
  • Be prepared and on time. 
  • Wipe your desk down before you sit down. 

In this course, you will learn the beginnings of Biological Science.  You will learn about cells, DNA, hereditary traits, ecosystems, etc. This will give you the foundations for what you will build off of in your science classes throughout your High School Career.


The 1st Semester Project is creating a Cell Model. 

The 2nd Semester Project is creating a DNA Helix. 

You will need a composition notebook for this course. 


Semester 2 Lesson Plans
Week Powerpoint/Notes Lab Resources Worksheets/Review Tests
January 5th – 8th  Chapter 10: Proteins N/A Semester 1 recap N/A
January 11th – 14th Chapter 10: Proteins Proteins Video Proteins Quizizz N/A
January 18th – 21st Chapter 11: Gene Technology Cabbage Cloning N/A Proteins Test


Online Resources
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