Bokoshe, Oklahoma
             A Little Bit About the Great Town of Bokoshe

Bokoshe is a small town located in LeFlore county in southeastern Oklahoma. Oklahoma Highway 31 runs through downtown Bokoshe.

The town of Bokoshe, was sometimes called Shake Rag, because the only way the train would stop was for someone to flag it down. Sometime in the 1880s or 90s the town
was named officially, Bokoshe, sometimes pronounced Bokosha, (locals pronounce Bokoshe as follows: B-Koa-She.) the real name was Bok, the Choctaw word for a body of water,
(creek or river), ishi, the Choctaw word for little. Thus Bokishi, "little creek".

The town of Bokoshe was incorporated on April 4, 1879, in what as known as Old Bokoshe, located northwest of present day Bokoshe. The main town was platted in 1899, and later the Bissell Addition which comprises the majority of the residential area was added to the
town of Bokoshe.

Bokoshe once was a large town with many businesses including two motels, a bank, several stores, a movie theater, skating rink, a cotton mill and several other businesses.
In its early existence Bokoshe had a population of over 2000 residents. The principal occupation of the area was the coal mining industry. As late as the 1960's and even into the 1970's coal mining in the immediate area was a big business with shipments in the thousands of dollars of
Bokoshe "Smokeless" coal being shipped from the area. A large number of retired miners still live in the area. In the late 60's and 70's the natural gas boom hit the area and now a large number
of heavy producing gas wells are in the area which has meant a good income for land and royalty owners.

Today, Bokoshe has a population of about 434 people (1996 U.S. Census). The present day town is home to convenience stores, beauty shops, cafes, agricultural supply stores, construction companies, flower & gift shops, and other family owned businesses. Many of the people that live in Bokoshe commute to Fort Smith, Poteau, and other cities to work in factories and other businesses. The natural gas industry continues to thrive in the area and the country side of present day Bokoshe has several family owned and operated cattle ranches and chicken farms.
Past Pictures of Bokoshe and Milton